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Bravísimos / Stircup

The objective of this project was to create a peculiar packaging: the client wanted a new concept design for disposable beverage containers, which are used to drink beverages to go and avoid accidents with hot liquids when opening the lid. There were several multimillion-dollar lawsuits filed by consumers, who had been burnt with coffee when opening a container lid, and major manufacturers did not know how to solve the problem. The culture of take-away coffee and cold drinks is widespread in Anglo-Saxon societies and within Spain, we are adopting this habit little by little, as we can see in places such as Starbucks.


We redesigned the lid and the mixer, producing a totally innovative design that offers consumers a better experience (safety and comfort). The design was so well-received that we had to patent it, creating a new concept in take-away drinks, which we call Stircup ©.


We won the most prestigious award for packaging in Spain, the LiderPack Award. This, in turn, allowed us to represent Spain in the pre-eminent international packaging competition WorldStar Packaging Awards, which is the Oscars for packaging. Against all odds, we won two awards: second place for the best packaging in the world and "Best of Show,” behind brands, such as Heineken, Trident and Colgate.




1 June, 2018