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Sevilla F.C. Final Copa del Rey 2018

Bravísimos / Sevilla F.C. Final Copa del Rey 2018

As Sevilla Fútbol Club reached a new final, it asked us to create a spot that reflected the feeling of S.F.C fans. Since 2005, the football club has done nothing more than grow and in such a manner, that it has reached 17 national and international finals to date.


We wanted to pay tribute to the generation that has experienced only the glorious days of Sevilla F.C. This generation is born from the year 2005. We used this year as a starting point, which is the year Sevilla F.C. played its first European final and has since, been a success. We wanted to reflect that winning character that typifies the Sevilla F.C. trademark and its fans.


The fans embraced the spot with great enthusiasm and it urged them to give it their all in the grand finale. In addition, all mainstream media outlets broadcast the spot and it appeared on major national television news programs.




1 June, 2018