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Sevilla F.C. Tribute to Jesús Navas

Bravísimos / Sevilla F.C. Tribute to Jesús Navas

During the Liga BBVA 2017/18 Campaign, legendary player of Sevilla Fútbol Club, Jesús Navas, fulfilled no less than 414 official matches wearing the Sevilla F.C. shirt, making him the greatest player to have ever worn the S.F.C. shirt in history.


During radio and TV broadcasts, Jesús Navas is described as “Baby Jesus of my life,” a reference made to a famous prayer we all prayed as children. In effect, we used the prayer in a play-of-words to turn it into his homage. We also created a spot with the concept “Jesus, eternal love.”


We succeeded in having all the fans echo this important milestone achieved by a player that began his career in Sevilla F.C. Youth Academy. We also achieved more than 18,000 views of the video on social networks. In addition, it was mentioned in Andalusian newscasts and national networks, such as TVE1 and Cuatro.




1 June, 2017