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Diario AS

Bravísimos / Diario AS


The prestigious sports newspaper, Diario AS, celebrated its 10-year anniversary and in its honor, we were asked for a graphic campaign that would be exhibited throughout the national territory on advertising panels and other outdoor displays.


With the concept "There are numbers that reveal a leader. 10 years of AS,” we created a campaign that was published in Diario AS and sports magazines for several weeks. In the campaign, we honored players who have marked an era in football worldwide and who wore the number 10 shirt (Maradona, Zidane, etc.).


The campaign was a great success with the readers of Diario AS. The campaign also gave Diario AS greater visibility and contributed to its brand value. Diario AS celebrated its 10-year anniversary with its readers and paying tribute to football legends. The return on investment (ROI) was 300%.




1 June, 2018